In collaboration with IKEA, IDEO and Lund University School of Industrial Design

IKEA HACKA is the future kitchen that bridges the gap between the hacking movement and the modular systems of today. Its flexibility helps people to create their own solutions, and makes it easy for them to “hack” it to suit their unique needs and style. The concept is currently exhibited at #IKEAtemporary in Milan.

In 2013, IKEA started a project called “Concept Kitchen 2025” together with IDEO, Lund University School of Industrial Design and Eindhoven University of Technology, to explore how the kitchen of the future might look like. The students were asked to explore our behaviours around food and cooking - and envision the future kitchen built for those needs. One of the most obvious and growing trends that the Lund University students Linus Hagberg, Philipp Süssmann and Niklas Papen recognised was that people want to modify products to make them their own. People increasingly want to make their own solutions by hacking IKEA modular systems.

Linus Hagberg
Philipp Süssmann
Niklas Papen

Lund University School of Industrial Design: Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt & Anna Persson, Lecturer
IDEO: Leif Huff, Managing Director & Martin Meier, Senior Design Lead
IKEA: Giorgia Nervi, Product Developer

Further Development with IKEA
Anna Carlsson, Project leader
Jon Karlsson, Designer
Michael "Emerzon" Ekberg, Designer